The most accurate analytical testing technology in the industry is the liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) machine. It is able to process the most comprehensive number of trace elements in a patient’s specimen while reducing false reporting almost entirely. In addition, these machines are capable of accurately performing the highest number of individual tests in a given period for high-volume clients.

We offer our partners only the most state-of-the-art equipment for their own laboratory needs so that their patients receive the highest level of care. Our trusted toxicology confirmation equipment helps clinicians to evaluate, assess and monitor patient levels or compliance.

Each laboratory is built to suit, since each practice has different testing needs and requirements. Our management team will ensure that your practice is supported with any and all technology needed to meet those differing clinical requirements when it comes to your testing needs.

Our web-based portal easily interfaces with most HER/EMR systems so that reporting is seamless and secure. Results will typically populate anywhere from 24-48 hours after arrival and may be engineered to flow directly into individual patient records, all while remaining HIPAA compliant.
Our portal offers the digital documents necessary for healthcare facilities and practitioners to remain compliant with ongoing treatment planning models during the approval process. Easily and digitally sign all orders to help maintain the flow of documentation necessary to make informed treatment decisions wile monitoring client compliance. Our customized, efficient portal houses all of the documents you may need to adhere to the most current healthcare standards including doctor order forms, requisition forms and a digital sign-in portal to complete orders so adherence to insurance standards and audits is never an issue.


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Changing the laboratory industry.
What if your practice was able to begin running its own toxicology testing laboratory with no overhead cost or startup fees? Nexus Biologix offers a limited number of qualified practices a place to host their own equipment run by a dedicated, highly trained staff of laboratory technicians, and so much more.

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