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The Nexus Biologix team is the true added-value that our partners take advantage of, made up of the most qualified individuals in the industry. After years of experience in many facets of the healthcare field, the developers of Nexus Biologix made sure to build a team of experts who not only know the toxicology field intimately, but are also licensed, trained and certified to the highest degree that their individual professions allow for.
Our team is made up of medical doctors, certifying scientists, laboratory technicians and a dedicated account management team. Our partners earn the unique right to utilize our trained and talented staff to carry out their daily toxicology testing needs under our sharp guidance.
Our customer care and management staff is available 24-hours a day to troubleshoot any issues or questions you may have. Enjoy individualized tech support when you need it with the assistance of our confirmation and solutions department. Our technicians can assist you with troubleshooting any situation, virtually, in just minutes so you don’t lose time confirming your toxicology results.


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823 SE Osceola Street, Stuart FL 34994

Changing the laboratory industry.
What if your practice was able to begin running its own toxicology testing laboratory with no overhead cost or startup fees? Nexus Biologix offers a limited number of qualified practices a place to host their own equipment run by a dedicated, highly trained staff of laboratory technicians, and so much more.

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